Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall....

I've had a mirror in my closet, just collecting dust, that is about circa 1989?? I have had many thoughts about trashing it but there was something telling me to hold onto it. With the new year upon us, I have been moving things around, and have decided to change my entryway design by cleaning up the clutter and moving a cabinet to another spot in the house. I need that mirror. Now the time has come to take it out, clean it off, and try to make something better out of it.
Putting your ideas on paper is a great way to help yourself visualize the finished product and to solidify a "plan of attack."
In its original state, it had a gold/silver finish. The finish itself has come back in style, but with the design of the mirror, it definitely said "dated".

With our gallery white walls the light finish also washes out. I feel like it needs to pop a little more. Since our house is predominately asian inspired with modern and danish accents, I was inspired to finish it in a chinese red....maybe not that bright. I have a carved fish that has a beautiful rich finish of rusty red with black and gold rubbing. I think this will be my 'muse'.

First I will set out to find the color paint. I usually take one of my many fan-decks (which most paint companies carry, and are easy to bring with you in your purse, very handy)  over to Lowes and just match a paint up. I've mentioned before that Lowe's sells a small container, custom color for only three dollars. You can't beat that price, and usually, for most small projects, that's all you need.

Next, I bought a sanding block, for two dollars, with a fine texture. I sanded the whole mirror until most of the finish was rubbed off, but some was still remaining. I painted a base coat in the red.

After two coats, I rubbed my old friend, the bronzer, on top. First I used a small cloth and dabbed texture, and then continued applying the bronze with a stencil brush adding more depth into the creases.

The mirror has been transformed. I thought about adding some gold to it eventually, but for now, it's just what I needed. The perfect backdrop for any fair maiden to have a quick look.

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