Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tiff's Charlotte Discoveries: Max and Company

Since our last week was spent mostly indoors avoiding the ice and snow, I was unable to find anything worthy to print. So....I'd love to share a place that I discovered early on that is so noteworthy, I should have called it "find of the year".  The showroom is called Max and Company, located in the Dilworth area of Charlotte at 1001 East Morehead Street. The store is owned and the interior was designed by renowned Jacksonville designer, Phoebe Howard and her husband Jim.

The building itself is a historical landmark of sorts, an old "ladies club" with beautiful bones to work with. Mrs. Howard and her design team really out did themselves with the interior design of this building. Separated by two floors, they created a more casual living space on the first floor, called Max and Co. and a touch more formal living on the second, named Mrs. Howard. The attention to detail could be found on every surface, and masterfully executed, from the space planning and architectural materials to the furniture and fabric selections. Even all of the accessories and artwork have been carefully selected and placed just right.
The flooring detail in this entry is amazing.

I love this dining room. The picture molding has insets of a texturized wallpaper,  very subtle, very elegant.

This hallway has an application of stone on the wall.
The color scheme is really soft and liveable.

The contemporary art work, the high ceilings and the parquet flooring work really well here.
Look at those gorgeous skylights.

I am not one who would use this saturated color blue on the walls, it would seem too sweet for me....but this room is so elegant and bright. It works well here with her mix of transitional and traditional style furnishings.

I love how the bed has been placed in the center of the room. It is floating unexpectedly like a cloud, yet it feels grounded. Most people would never think to put a bed in the middle. (The room is also enormous, most people don't have enough room for this to be possible.)

This bedroom has the most spectacular hand painted wallpaper, and the bedding is equally stunning.

In entering the building, one could be intimidated by its size and feeling, but the staff are extremely down to earth and the pricing is not out of line for the quality of the merchandise. There are plenty of other stores and showrooms in the area that have much more expensive merchandise. The most surprising thing I have found is that not that many people know about it. Maybe because it's not located on one of the main streets in the neighborhood, but don't let that deter you from coming to see this lovely and enchanting place. Even if you are not in the market to buy a single thing, please go and take a look. You will come out inspired and ready to take on at least one project in your home and make it a little better.

You can also visit their website and blog at or

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