Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Before and After Part Two: Modern Chic Teen Room

My niece Ruby asked me if I could help her transition her bedroom from a little girl's room to something more age appropriate (she's 15 now). So, with her help (making sure I didn't do anything lame) we transformed her room into a very modern-chic space without losing any femininity.

Before: The furniture itself was still in great shape, so we decided to treat the walls and add new bedding and draperies.

Before: The desk was also in great shape and the chair was perfect, so we just reupholstered with new fabric and added new knobs to the drawers.

Before: The placement of the dresser stayed the same, but once we treated the walls and changed out the hardware on the drawers, it made a big difference.
Before: Instead of having valances at the top here, we opted for drapes to bring more sophistication and soften the windows while letting the light in during the day. This is also where we put the bed.

The first thing I did was ask Ruby to send me concept pictures of anything she liked online, so I could get an idea of what direction we should go. Once we found a bedding she liked, it all came together.
This bedding from Restoration Hardware, an antique floral, was the first selection made, and as a result dictated our color choices. I liked the idea of mixing this feminine print with some modern accents, creating a more eclectic setting. The furniture had a "shabby chic" element to it, so we needed to work this into the scheme, and going ultra modern would not work.
Next we selected the wallpaper and the lighting fixture. Both items were really tricky, but once we found them, both Ruby and I knew they were perfect!!!

This Clarke and Clarke wallpaper added the perfect amount of detail for the walls, and the color went perfectly with the bedding. We ended up doing it above a chair rail to add interest and cut the cost. It's hard to see from the picture, but there is an outline of silver around the periwinkle trellis detail. 
The glass balls of the fixture above are stunning, it adds lots of glamour to the room.
In addition we added creamy white linen drapery panels hung on rods with glass finials and hold backs. New lamps with the same glass style bases flanked the bed and a new night table, a skirted one in a metallic linen, lined with glass beads.

Glass ball hold-backs and finials added more of the modern twist we were looking for.
We added a small scaled skirted table to the other side of the bed for symmetry in addition to softening the area.
Here you can see the glass beaded detail. 
Changing out hardware is an easy change that gives older furniture a face lift.
We reupholstered her desk chair in a fun geometric. This ruby red/purple combo gives a pop of color. The hardware on the desk also was changed out to these adorable ceramic roses from Anthropologie.
Two shams in the geometric fabric adds some color onto the bed. Trim detail on the edge gives it a special touch.
The last element was the artwork, which focused on her love of fashion. I loved the idea of adding a little "ruby red" to the room, and when we found the artwork, it all came together.

Here's the final outcome!

Hope you love it as much as we do!!!

Before and After's Part One: Teen Bonus Room Gets A Boost!

This summer and fall I've been busy with a few projects, here are a few before and after shots of a bonus room I worked on. Enjoy:-)

Before Picture

 The layout needed a little TLC, new paint, a youthful theme for the 3 children using this space. We moved out the bed, got a sleeper sectional and created a space for homework and games near the window. The room was dark from all the foliage outside so we needed to solve that problem. We took off all the shutters to let all the natural light in that we could and added window treatments with black-out shades/lining, so when it's movie time, the lighting won't be a problem.

We added a window seat cushion and pillows to create a cozy nook for homework or snacks.

The blue shade comes down behind the valance to block out light for TV viewing.

Before-The iron bed was placed up against the angled wall.
The angled wall was challenging and made the room look smaller. We framed out the small wall with molding and painted with chalkboard paint (attic door included) for a giant space the kids to say what they want! 

Here you can see the chalkboard in action. Very fun for the kids. We painted the attic door with chalkboard paint as well, so the door "vanishes".

This wall had lots of clutter, an older over sized TV and those shutters that blocked out a lot of light. 

 We put up beautiful black out drapes and eventually the TV got moved out, a flat screen is now opposite the sofa.

Part Two coming soon: Teen room turns from pretty in pink to perfect in periwinkle!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tiff's Charlotte Discoveries: Slate Interiors

A colleague of mine mentioned taking a spin through this lovely store, set up like some of the other interior design stores, with booths for different vendors. Located on Central Avenue in the Plaza Midwood area, its understated storefront is a facade for all the lovely goodies that are found inside. 

What is really great about this showroom is that the furniture and decor are displayed so you can see each item, it's not over stuffed with things. Plus, they've got a great mix of vintage, mid-century modern items which I love to mix into my designs.  The items range from vintage jewelry, killer light fixtures, accessories, pillows, artwork and lots of cool furniture. Here's a sample of some of the things I saw, just a small bit, as I was having so much fun looking around, I forgot to take pictures of it all (not the brightest idea if you are going to blog about it!!!)

This campaign style chest has the greatest color blue! Obviously it was not the original color, but thought it was fun...electric!

This artist was featured in the entry gallery wall. The images were great. His name is Marvin Epsy. 

 I love this chair, super cool mix of chrome and cane seat.

 Excuse me, but if I had another space for this zebra table, it'd be in my house right now! I love it! Hmmm...maybe I could find a spot :-)

 This picture does not do this light fixture justice. I love how organic it is. I can see this fixture in so many applications. 

 I was thinking of a client project when I saw this mini abstract on canvas. It would be cool in a collage with some other art pieces. 

 See how small it is...look middle to the right.

This chandelier with green glass beading was right in the entry, and was the first thing I saw when I walked in. It's huge, so of course it would have to be used in a tall space, but so great.

 I love this antique french rolling basket with the handle. This would look great in a laundry room or maybe to store toys???

 I love Chinese Red Lantern fixtures!!! This should be on my staircase landing!

 Another campaign chest that the new thing now??

 Oh my God! I wish I knew someone who needed a coffee table. This table is absolutely gorgeous!!! It's hard to see it sitting here...lonely.

 I just heard it say..."Someone buy me! I need a few big books and a couple of feet to sit on me!!!"

 This abstract wall sculpture is really great. It has candle holders behind it. How fantastic would this look all lit up at night. 

 This pair of Asian musicians are so adorable. It took every ounce of discipline I had left not to take them home with me. (no discipline left, must stay home)

 The bamboo tray table here is a wonderful scale. It would work great as an entry table, a bar, or a night stand depending on the height of the versatile.

 Awesome find...a glass and chrome campaign style desk. I love the chairs too.

 Mid century at it's finest, with this multi-table top coffee table in gold and marble. I like how it was merchandised with the gold sea urchins on each one. 

 There are also some high end items. Regina Andrews sconces, gorgeous.

 I love these ruler style mirrors. I could see a pair of these over a double vanity in a child's bathroom or even a play room. 

 Every gal's dream is to have a lucite chiavari chair at a vanity or desk?

 This light fixture is so great!!!

I can't believe they have this light fixture here. What a gem. I just cut out a concept photo with this light fixture the other day...what are the chances!!!

This is from the 2012 Kitchen of the Year from House Beautiful, designed by Mick De Giulio. The round modular chandelier, is Ralph Lauren, for Circa lighting. 

Anyway, stop by Slate Interiors at 1401 Central Avenue, #102. It would be worth your time. Maybe you'll come home with an amazing find.