Thursday, March 31, 2011

Headboard: Now That's Using Your Noggin

I've recently challenged myself to spend some time focusing my attention to our guest room. Although it remains empty three quarters of the year, except as a stomping ground for my two kids, there is a definite need to spruce it up a bit. You never know, maybe if I make it desirable, more people will come to visit?? Let's just say, for the first eight months we lived here, I used one of our moving boxes with a tablecloth as a nightstand (I can't believe I am admitting this, call the design police!!!)

Another thing happened that spawned this idea as well..... my husband moved a TV into the room. (why is it that most men are obsessed with TV, and most women can care less if we have one in every room???? No need to answer this question, I'm just thinking aloud.) This required us to move some things around the house and bring in a cabinet for the TV to sit on. This also created the need to move the bed around for proper viewing, and now that we did this, the lack of artwork in this room became more apparent. I realized at this point that I should focus on the bed. I would love to buy a bed frame and call it a day, but since we are renting, I'm not sure I want to invest in a good piece that may not fit in somewhere else. So my next thought was .... I should try a diy headboard project.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fancy Schmancy!

Bonjour my friends! Have you heard of Fancy Nancy? This series of books is about a little girl who loves to be fancy. She dresses without a filter, she speaks with french words, because they sound fancy, and she is a craft stores dream come true. My daughter loves her, so for her 4th birthday party, we decided to make our own interpretation. 

For those of you back home who have been wanting to see how Sydney's birthday party turned out, I thought I'd post a few pics. The tea party went off without a hitch and all the girls were having a ball (us moms had a good time too!).