Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a Hitchcock Halloween

Still-shot from the movie "The Birds".
Have you noticed the bird craze taking place? Everywhere I turn, home decor turns to Birds! Birds! Birds!!! Halloween is no exception. I had taken notice of the "crow" phenomenon and it made me want to do something fun with it when an idea occurred to me. I quickly sketched something.

Sometimes I doodle in a pad by my desk...just ideas of things that I may try out. This drawing  was done a few months back.
Manzanita trees have also been quite popular for hanging ornaments and decorating for the holidays.         
I just so happen to have a pair of silver trees (or coral branches, I can't quite tell which they are) I needed to hunt down. They were originally bought for the winter holiday season to hang ornaments on, but I haven't used them in years. They were in a box in the garage (which has about a million boxes in it) so I had to work my way around the mess.  I was bound and determined, and sure enough, they still existed and were unscathed.

I love these things...a little weird I admit, but are perfect for this kind of application. I bought a can of black gloss spray paint and went to town. They look amazing black. I was planning on putting the bases in some larger pots, but I think they are just fine the way they are.

I then ordered the birds from Pottery Barn @ $6 apiece. Six would be enough for now. If it's successful, I may order a few more next year to add to my stash. (By the way, I found black birds at Michael's, not as  nice quality, but they were half the cost. I'm still glad I bought these because unlike the Micheal's version, which had a clip at the bottom, they have wired feet so I can manipulate placement much easier.)
I ordered the small ones. The crow with the wings spread is huge!!!

I had been brainstorming ways to incorporate a little lighting and thought that maybe some candlelight would be fun. If I could hang some votives from the branches??? I searched, but found nothing that was just right. Then it dawned on me....nests!!! If I used nests I could sit a candle in each. I found a pack of six nests at The Brass Exchange, on Selwyn Avenue, that had the right scale. I removed the egg from the center and sprayed them black as well.

I bought some flame-less led votives and also sprayed them black, taping off the flame so the the light would show through. Next time I do this, I think I will crackle the black and let the light come through all over.

So, here's how they turned out......

They are a little funky, but I love them! I added a few feathers from an old boa, and actually draped the boa on the dining table to add to the theme. Also placed a few cut-outs in the windows....actually fooled my son, he thought there actually was a crow sitting in the window!

Fooled my son Asher!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween this year! Watch overhead! You never know what might come flying into your own nest!
I wanted to give a personal "shout-out" to our new friends on the mantel, whom my daughter named Roger and Spike. I have to hand it to Michael's once again. Of all the retailers I've researched for this holiday's merchandise, for the price and quality of items, they win, boney hands down. These glittered skeletons are 5 dollars a piece. Cheaper than the average pumpkin!
This is Roger.
This is Spike.
Makes a simple Halloween statement without sacrificing style or breaking the bank!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Design Event Alert: Designer Show House in Eastover

Last Friday I attended the March of Dimes Designer Show House in Eastover. I thought it was such a beautifully designed event...a must see.

The house itself has a gorgeous floor plan and is set on one of the most beautiful tree-lined streets. Many local designers from the Charlotte area designed the interiors. One of my favorite rooms was the master bedroom, designed by Luxe, located on East Blvd. The chandelier was exquisite in addition to all the furniture selections.  Another favorite was the exterior patio, designed by B.D. Jeffries, located in the Morrison shopping center adjacent to the South Park Mall. It was interesting to see the mix of rustic furnishings and accessories meld so easily with the facade of a traditional home. I loved all the beautiful details they put into the design from the place settings to the planted succulents on the tables. They used a lot of different textures that created warmth and dimension. One other noteworthy room in my opinion is a study on the upper level designed by Lucy and Company, also located on East Blvd. The color scheme is a mix of black and white with a rich emerald green. It was very reminiscent of one of my favorite designers, Kelly Wearstler's design at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, CA. The lighting fixture centered in the room had a beautiful green bead detail and the furniture/architectural selections were smart and savvy. I urge anyone who has a chance to attend, to buy a ticket for $15.00 at the door, and spend an hour or so soaking in the local design. It goes to a good cause, and you'll take a least a few great ideas. Everything in the house is available to purchase as well.  The house is open October 14-16 at 516 Museum Drive, Charlotte, NC 28207.

For more information go to: