Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Before and After's Part One: Teen Bonus Room Gets A Boost!

This summer and fall I've been busy with a few projects, here are a few before and after shots of a bonus room I worked on. Enjoy:-)

Before Picture

 The layout needed a little TLC, new paint, a youthful theme for the 3 children using this space. We moved out the bed, got a sleeper sectional and created a space for homework and games near the window. The room was dark from all the foliage outside so we needed to solve that problem. We took off all the shutters to let all the natural light in that we could and added window treatments with black-out shades/lining, so when it's movie time, the lighting won't be a problem.

We added a window seat cushion and pillows to create a cozy nook for homework or snacks.

The blue shade comes down behind the valance to block out light for TV viewing.

Before-The iron bed was placed up against the angled wall.
The angled wall was challenging and made the room look smaller. We framed out the small wall with molding and painted with chalkboard paint (attic door included) for a giant space the kids to say what they want! 

Here you can see the chalkboard in action. Very fun for the kids. We painted the attic door with chalkboard paint as well, so the door "vanishes".

This wall had lots of clutter, an older over sized TV and those shutters that blocked out a lot of light. 

 We put up beautiful black out drapes and eventually the TV got moved out, a flat screen is now opposite the sofa.

Part Two coming soon: Teen room turns from pretty in pink to perfect in periwinkle!

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