Monday, December 3, 2012

Inspired by Adler: A Happy Chic Approach to Hanukkah

Okay friends and family,

Not sure if you noticed, but here in the South, there is not too much that says "stylish Hanukkah"! I compare it to shopping in a department store for baby boy clothing in a sea of girls little tiny corner with drab drab drab. It is Christmas everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I actually enjoy this season and embrace my inner Santa, but it would be nice to get inspired by some beautiful design and decor for the festival of lights!

I have set out to find inspiration for a new hip Hanukkah tablescape and decoration that might inspire you all as well. I'm using one of my favorite designers, Jonathan Adler as my muse. For more on his design aesthetic go to:

First...let's talk menorahs. For those of you that do not know much about the holiday, a menorah is a candelabra used to symbolize the miracle that happened long ago. Basically, the Jews of Israel were ruled by a cruel tyrant from Syria who outlawed Judaism. There was a group of freedom fighters, called the Maccabees who revolted and freed the city of Jerusalem. In returning to the Temple of Israel, they were preparing to rededicate it, but realized they only had enough oil for one day to light the menorah.(The word Hanukkah means "rededication".)  The miracle is that the menorah or candelabra burned for 8 days. So we celebrate this every year by lighting candles for the eight nights. Sorry if I butchered the story. You might want to Google Hanukkah for a more in depth description.

I have compiled a list of menorahs I love from a handful of retailers.

This is a crystal menorah from Frontgate for those of you who prefer a traditional style.
Kudos to Pottery Barn who has created a line of Hanukkah decorations that are beautiful. I love the mercury base on these.
Gorgeous contemporary menorah from Neiman Marcus with a combination of silver and  glass from Waterford.
Another beauty from Neiman Marcus, with an organic feel and great gold finish.
Absolutely adore this whimsical version of the menorah from Jonathan Adler. This could be out all year long. It has such personality.
I love Michael Aram pieces, this one is delicate and could be used in both contemporary and  traditional settings. Available at Bloomingdales.

LOVE this ultra modern one from 1st Dibs, called Botero, by Emil Shenfield, 2007

It actually is separate pieces that fit together like a puzzle.

This is vintage one from 1st Dibs from the 60's.

This art deco menorah from could be used in a rustic setting .
I love this mid century modern one from Etsy.

This is one of my menorahs. It's Nambe and has clean lines. I love it because it mixes well with  Asian antiques as well as contemporary pieces.
Alright, now that we have the menorahs, we've got to talk Hanukkah bushes!

 Yes....loosen up and get into the spirit. Why should we not have a tree??? It's so fun, and if it's done in the spirit of Hanukkah, I think it's awesome. First I'd find the right tree...Terrain has a gorgeous white sparkly tree which can be tabletop or floor based.
I love this tree, the picture doesn't do it justice, go on the website to get a better look. It has individual loops to put the ornaments on, and the silver finish is very glamorous.
Next, I find fabulous ornaments. I kind of like the color combination of the teals and blues together, and adding a touch of citrine (green-yellow) adds a quirky fresh twist.

I love the mix of blues in these glass balls from Terrain

Pottery Barn has a combination of blues and green glass ornaments that would look great.

I love these cobalt blue finial style glass ornaments from Crate and Barrel.

My inspiration stemmed from Jonathan Adler, this is his dreidel.

Pier One has these gorgeous ombre green and teal glass balls I love!!
Green mercury balls from Wisteria, so pretty.
The artful home. I love the green/blue combination here, looks like vintage glass.

Then I add the tree topper...there is only one "Jewish" star of David tree topper out there, but it'll do.

You actually can get this on Amazon. And's kinda cheesy but look below!

 They used them at Tiffany's!!!!
Next up....the garland. I love how this garland has the teal in it, perfect for a "Tiffany's & Co." Hanukkah (this is good for sending subliminal messages to the other half).
This garland is available at Pier One Imports.

Do you like my mix so far???

Now for the table setting for a feast with friends and family. Now since I am channeling Jonathan Adler, I would use some of his new fabrics from Kravet to set the mood. For a tablecloth, I would start off with a beautiful citrine star burst pattern.

Jonathan Adler for Kravet, Super Nova, 3 Green
 Then I would use some plates, probably white china with some metallic accents.
This snowflake pattern from Target is only $50.00 for a set of 12. Seriously???

For a dessert plate, I might layer the look with these contemporary plates from Crate and Barrel:
I like the mix of gold and silver.

I would use these accent plates for serving food:
This platter, from the Jewish Museum adds more metallic accents and a little bit of whimsy.
Next, napkins, which I would use another Jonathan Adler fabric, either one of these below. I would also pass on a napkin ring for this place setting. I would just roll it lenth wise and set it vertically on the plate.
Jonathan Adler for Kravet, Wabash color Blue

Jonathan Adler for Kravet, Distorted color oceanfront

For stemware I would go two routes. I may just keep it simple with a plain clear glass goblet....but it could be fun to keep the color going with these beautiful blue glasses:
These are by designer Billy Cotton for Bloomingdales

This flatware is stunning!!! The mix of gold and silver works with everything.

For the table centerpiece I would place this manznita tree menorah from West Elm in the center and use the Crate and Barrel candles below.
The right color combo of teal blue and citrine!
For additional candlelight and detail I would place a votive or two around each place setting in these colors, one for a candle and one with flowers, something with color, I love green mums and blue iris.
These are from Crate and Barrel, I like the height of them, and of course the colors are perfect.
Then I'd add the flowers...a little hydrangea...

 And a few green mums....

And a few blue iris, so pretty!

Oops...I almost forgot my signature detail...the place card!! Wasn't sure what I was going to do until I saw these cute little chair ornaments  from Anthropologie...

Set it on the plate, lean a card against the leg, or sit on top of the seat, simple. (don't forget to cut off the string at the top) Write the name in cursive with a silver or gold pen.

And don't forget the dreidels.....two of my favorites:
This dreidel is from Nordstrom

Happy Chic! Happy Hanukkah Jonathan!
Happy Holidays. The links to most of these products are on my Pinterest board:


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