Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving in the Hills

I just finished reading the latest publication of Lonny Magazine. Have you ever read it??? If not, you must stop now and subscribe. It's one of the best online shelter magazines for interior design. I wait anxiously for the next addition to come out. The editor in chief is Michelle Adams, formerly from Domino Magazine, who's successful venture is as inspiring as the magazine itself.

This month, they featured a home in the Hollywood Hills, which is in Los Angeles, hometown hub for design. I love how interior designer, Mark D. Sikes created beautiful rooms mixing traditional and contemporary pieces and artwork. I am a sucker for a house that mixes textures like rattans and Asian antiquities with contemporary furniture.

The dining room was set for thanksgiving and it shows how simple and easy one can create an elegant setting for this holiday. Just a beautiful white pumpkin on china!!!Done!

 How gorgeous is this kitchen layout!? Every kitchen should have a living space in it to sit and hang out.
I love the built-in book shelves around the windows and the sofa under the window.

I don't know about anyone else, but I spend most of my day in the kitchen. I love to cook, putter around, it's where I also do most of my "crafty" stuff, work on the computer and as a family we have all of our meals in the kitchen, so a layout like this makes so much sense...and it's stunning. I love how they mixed director style bamboo chairs with a simple contemporary table like the Saarinen table above.

 The rest of the design just continues to keep me inspired. It feels like they thought of every detail without over working the space. I tend to avoid the light blue shades when I design, but I love how this master below turned out. It's got a wonderful layout and seems super comfortable but elegant as well.

The chocolate walls in the guest room below, with the creamy white contrast of the furnishings and trim work is wonderful too.

You would think with the super white walls that the rooms would feel cold, but look at how warm this picture above is! The rattan and mix of animal textures along with the tortoiseshell and porcelain china, is so inviting. Let me get my book and blankey!

The cherry on top is the spectacular exterior landscaping. This is what I think of when I dream about the Hollywood Hills.

Love the dresser on the left...yum! And the wrought iron work on the right is fabulous too!

From the window in the guest room, the greenery in the background and that black and white awning can take you anywhere dreamy, but when you look at the vanilla colored stucco and the terracotta steps....oohs and aahs!

Give me a warm breeze and I've been transported back to outdoor living in L.A. I'm giving thanks to Lonny Magazine this year.  Check out the rest of the magazine as well, it's a low calorie holiday treat.

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  1. This Blog is really great Tffany. enjoyed reading all the comments and will definitely get Lonny. Thanks for the tip!!