Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 Things To Be Thankful For In Design

When I reflect back each Thanksgiving for what I am most thankful, I usually think of my family and friends, our health and happiness and remind myself of how lucky I am. Over the years I have neglected to express my thanks to the people/things that enrich my life in design. So here are the top ten things I am thankful for:

1. Thank you to the interior design publications that keep me abreast of all the latest and greatest. My favorites include House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Decor, Veranda, and to my favorite online magazines Lonny Mag and Adore. When one of my subscriptions comes in the mail, it's hard to control my urges to drop everything and scour through it from front to back. Like being a kid in a candy store, it's hard to imagine not having them as part of my design repertoire.

2.Thank you to all my favorite interior designers who inspire me with their fresh ideas, creative talent and continuous innovative ways to solve design problems. I can't name them all (I don't have the time to do it, and you don't have the time to read it), but I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the works of the following people this year:

-Windsor Smith and her House of Windsor in Los Angeles where she and some fellow designers took on the task of designing an 8000 sq. ft. home with the feel of luxury and comfort as one. The whole concept was to create a a healthy living environment for the modern family without sacrificing style. The kitchen was amazing. You can log on and take a look at the whole house at

-Kelly Hoppen, who has used bold statements and a mix of raw materials to create the most rich and beautiful modern homes.

This is one of Kelly Hoppen's signature pieces, the hanging bubble chair.
-Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier for the continued images of romantic homes and interiors with every detail of architecture addressed in a thoughtful and personal manner.

At a book reading last year, Bobby McAlpine revealed that candle lighting  shown in this picture was originally his own design, and subsequently has been copied over and over again since then. 

-Kelly Wearstler, who can be avantgard and quirky but whom I feel is a true artist. Her hotel designs alone are amazing. She is also opening a flagship store in Los Angeles, which I am hoping to see when I'm in L.A.

The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica has a special place in my heart, since I've been there in person.
This is Kelly standing in front of one of her installations at her flagship store in L.A, which is due to open any day now.
-Jonathon Adler, who's happy chic truly makes me smile. I love his sense of humor and whimsy. He's got that philosophy of not taking things too seriously.
I love these gold hand chairs by Pedro Freideberg. I want one!!!
This was his Malibu Barbie Dream House, if you look close enough you can make out the barbie installation above the fireplace or  for a close-up go to:
-Jim and Phoebe Howard, somewhat local legends in this town, have great taste and always portray their homes in an elegant but comfortable fashion.

This detail is from the dining room above. I love this detail  of  crown molding and linen fabric walls. 
-Miles Redd...thank you for pushing the envelope in COLOR! A man of High Gloss! I love the daring attitude. I wish everyone had clients who let them do the things you do.

-And thank you-thank you to Steven Gambrel who has great taste and aesthetic. I am always inspired when I look at his interiors.

3. I am thankful for my sharpie pens. No joke! I love my Sharpies. If I use another pen, it does not feel right! I always have one with me.
4. .I am thankful for technology!!!Even though I have been a reluctant and slow learner, I am grateful for the  iPads and iPhones and apps galore, not to mention how many wonderful products can be made with ongoing technological advances.

5. I love the word "eclectic" and will continue to use it. There are designers who hate the word and feel it is overused. I don't care. It does have a place in my vocabulary for design. Thank you to the word Eclectic!

6. Thank you to all of my colleagues from the past. I have so many wonderful memories working with co-workers who became my dear friends. If not for these experiences, the good and the bad, we would not grow and learn about ourselves.

7. Historical Preservation!!! Thank god someone out there is maintaining all the beautiful things in the world from destruction and demolition. I thought about this a lot this summer on a recent trip to Asheville to see the Biltmore Hotel with my family. It's such a wonderful feeling to see places old kept up so well.

I love all the details that have been maintained so beautifully.

The botanical garden in the green house was extraordinary.
8. I am thankful for a passport! I've had the opportunity to travel to Europe and hope that in the future I can do a lot more traveling.

9. I am thankful for my new job at Restoration Hardware! I've met some really incredible people and I am so proud to be able to work in such an amazing and inspiring environment.

10. Finally, thanks to the blogosphere for keeping my mind from going to design mush. I really have enjoyed following other design blogs and expressing myself here. Thanks to my 29 followers too. Help me make my goal of 30 by the end of the year, People! Ha Ha! What are you thankful for in design?

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