Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tiff's Charlotte Discoveries: B.D. Jeffries

Okay...maybe I should call it "Find of the Month" since I have been a little out of the blogging scene lately. I took a little hiatus but I am slowly getting back to design. The latest store that I have felt is post-worthy is a shop in Southpark called B.D. Jeffries. I love this store, and can't wait to get back there and look again.

This store is a second location for B.D.Jeffries. The first being in Atlanta, Georgia. The merchandise is a mix of high end casegoods and upholstered pieces, tons of tableware and accessories, a great selection of design books and even some women's and men's fashion accessories. The style is a nice mix of antique pieces from all over Europe in addition to some more streamlined pieces and transitional design. I think anyone could walk in and find something to furnish their home in here. (Maybe not ultra ultra modern, yet a hurricane could be placed anywhere right?)

I really love how the store was designed and merchandised. As one walks through the doors, the first room is like a cozy sun-room or portico, beautifully painted and serene. I love the detailed niches on the walls. You don't feel  like you are in a shopping center, even a high end one. I really felt like I was back in Malibu. The next few steps in, one reaches the body of the store. High ceilings painted a dark black or brown give real height to the space, and architecturally placed trusses, with an old world feel,  move throughout the showroom separating each set up.

One side of the room has primarily tableware displays, gorgeous plates for reasonable prices (in my opinion). There are a lot of extra accessories for entertaining.

I also love how they interspersed design books within the space as well. It really makes you want to pick each one up and read them on the spot. If you are looking for table set up ideas or at least finding the right napkins or holder, there is a special vestibule just for this.

While moving into the back portion of the space, the design morphs into a English Hunting Lodge of sorts, packed with gorgeous artwork, masculline accessories and a beautiful fireplace (not working, but gives you the effect).

A clever storage space in the wall reveals men's belts. I thought this was a genius idea.

There was even a section set aside for your favorite pooch. And, if you are a collector of cuff links, they had a whole case of them.

Circling my way back around to the front of the store, I found another set up, to me resembling the beachy showrooms I mentioned that reminded me of Malibu. Warm and creamy, relaxed but chic with another beautiful fireplace setting. There were cubbies with additional decor items, pillows and frames.

Of course, I always find something I can't leave without.  I fell in love with these Karakusa dishware. Karakusa means winding vine or grass in Japanese. I love the color, their organic shape and the brown rim of these ceramic bowls and plates. Best of all, they are really quite affordable. I am sorry to say I did refrain myself from purchasing these beauties, but they have been put on the wish list!

Overall, this design boutique is a winner in my point of view. They also can provide interior design services, so this is a one stop shop for the busy consumer who wants it all done in one place. The manager mentioned they will provide tear sheets as well for many of their case goods and upholstered pieces. They also said that the store will be on Facebook soon, so all the updates on the store will be at your fingertips. Located in the Morrison shopping center, this showroom should be on your next "to do" list.

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