Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tiff's Charlotte Discoveries: Adore Magazine

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a wonderful online magazine that really inspired me and I wanted to share it with anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Internet magazines in general are a new concept for me. I like to look at interior design publications in my hands and go back and forth through the pages. I sometimes  put my eyes right up to the paper like a person who needs glasses (hmmmm.....). I do a lot of magazine reading while I'm eating, while I'm waiting in the carpool lane, at the hair salon, in bed, etc. I love tearing out pages and keeping them in inspiration folders and I don't have an iPad.  Basically, I'm old school.

However, I am doing better at entering this modern world of technology. The great thing about online magazines is that you can click on a resource and go directly to the site (I know...I am just getting around to learning this concept but it really is helpful).  I already read Lonny magazine, which many of you I'm sure have read. If not, check that publication out as well.

My "Find of the Week" is a magazine called Adore Magazine, which is actually an Australian based magazine, and is in its second issue. This month was the "British Edition" and it was wonderful from front to back (I guess you can still say that right?).  Anyway, I got so much inspiration from it and found a lot of new resources I hadn't heard of.

One section featured a number of nurseries and childrens rooms. They were so modern, fresh and fun.  What I really liked too, is that for the most part, most of the rooms were playful enough for a baby and young children, but were also liveable as the nursery eventually became a teen room and beyond. One resource that I found so unique is the company Ubabub, which designs a line of cribs, which the Brits call "cots", that are very inventive and cool.

Ubabub's Pod Cot has curved edges and a clear front for easy visibility.
This is the Pod Bed which is a kit that coverts the Pod Cot to the "toddler bed" version.

There were also creative ideas to add artwork to the rooms. One nursery mixed original artwork with prints. It's easy to create artwork just buying beautiful cards and framing them yourself. Made by Girl,  an online card and artwork site, whose owner, Jen Ramos, also has a blog, carries some adorable prints and custom prints. I love the custom ABC Love prints.
See how I customized my name in blue? The customizing allows for many different color combinations and the price is reasonable at $50.00.
Belle and Boo ( has vintage looking prints and other housewares for children that I thought were sweet.

This "cushion" is called Boo, so cute!
Lilly and Lolly ( also have some interesting and unique childrens decor, including this fun bedding called Fly by Night, and a very cool stylized bunk bed.
This is a view of some of the Fly By Night collection, which features a black upholstered bed, black and white ticking sheeting and duvet and I really like the world map wall decal.

I love this pillow. As they say, these "cheeky" characters are lots of fun, even have names,  Scotty, Spike, Nick and Lucky!

The scoop bunk is quite unique, I love the rounded cut-outs and ladder. It looks beautifully hand-crafted...should be for $3250.00. Ouch!

If you have a "thing" for  the british rock star look, there were a quite a few links where you can "bowie" up your place quickly. Very cool. Same goes for the queen. I tried to win a hot pink british flag pillow for my daughter, but didn't win.
This pillow, I mean "cushion" (use your british accent while saying), is from I love this site, lots of fun things, like the paris metro map cushion below. They carry Moroccan pouffes there as well, which I love for inexpensive added seating.

This is a first class stamp design on wood from has this bright pink rug of the queen.  Of course it would take the right setting, but it's so fun!!!

I love this rocker pillow.  It screams Rolling Stones to me!!
How about creating a faux bookshelf with wallpaper? This company, Le Forge offers a vintage looking paper.  You must check out how the designer used it in the article "Eclectic British Pad" on page 66. Very cool.
This photo is from the website, www., showing how it looks hanging up. If this is at all interesting to you, please check out how the designer used it in the magazine.

  I also found a great lighting resource called Beacon Lighting, which carries a unique mix of contemporary and traditional fixtures. I couldn't just pick one to showcase.

I love these pendants shown here mixed with different shapes and sizes from Beacon Lighting.

And a housewares company called Peter's of Kensington which featured a Koi fish jug I fell in love to throw in something Asian inspired for me! (I also found this item on Amazon, so we have it here in the states too).
The magazine featured this jug in bright yellow, but I like it in green as well. Good for drinks or flowers.

And lastly, the travel section, which featured places to stay and places to shop, was great to read, made me think of friends who have lived there, and friends who are about to visit. It would be fun to look back with nostalgia, and also be a great resource for an upcoming trip.

I love learning about other parts of the world in design and this was just a small window. Enjoy!

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