Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tiff's Charlotte Discoveries: Cottage Chic

Each week I've made it my goal, as I embark on a new city, to visit at least one new design shop/boutique. Today, since I had one hour to get into uptown from the Providence area and back, I decided to step into a great shop on East Blvd. in the Dilworth area, called Cottage Chic. The store lived up to all the hype I kept hearing from my friends. If you don't know much about the Dilworth area,  you must see for yourself.

Dilworth was Charlotte's first street car neighborhood, rich in architecture. However, by the 1960's it became run down and most of the architecture was in danger of being lost. Fortunately it has slowly come back with preservationists pushing for its survival. I love this area, and this store is an example of how an architectural gem can be restored and utilized in an intelligent and creative way.

As I walked up to the property I felt as if I was visiting an old friend. It was extremely inviting. And when I opened the door......(sniff sniff) Ahhhh..the aromatic blend of daffodils, tuberose, currant and about 5 more smells filled my senses (in a good way, not in a over-doing the perfume kind of way).  The customer service was open and friendly and the merchandise was displayed well too. Very clever products, lots of candles and lotions and potions.  There was a section for children's decor and gifts, womens' clothing and in the back they have a design studio. Very girly, not for the dudes for sure!!!

So, what's the Find of the Week? These adorable mercury votives with yummy smelling candles.

Every color had character. They were a great scale too. Not too small and not too big.

If you collected them, they would make fabulous individual floral arrangements for each place setting for your next sit -down dinner party.

There are about 8 colors to choose from and what's great about them is that once the candle is finished you can use the mercury votive for lots of different uses. Flowers, jewelry, paint brushes, pencils, sugar name it! And, not only that, the price was reasonable at $18.00 a candle (not bad considering the going rate for a high end candle, and you get to keep the holder). My only disappointment???? That I didn't come home with one of these candles!!!!

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